Power Train

In the area of electrical drive technology, insulation materials are required that possess a high degree of dimensional stability in order to securely fix the laminated core and the collector, even at high temperatures.

In addition to this, good electrical insulating properties and crack resistance are required. As a result of these specific material properties, the degree of efficiency of the drives is increased and energy is saved.

Epoxy Moulding Compounds from Duresco possess the properties to meet the demanding requirements of these high-quality applications.

Main Advantages

  • Integrated housing
  • Impregnation of windings; this enables sealing against media and improved heat dissipation
  • Encapsulation of loose windings
  • High dimensional stability and temperature resistance combined with good mechanical properties
  • Good adhesion to inserts
  • Low water absorption combined with outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low heat expansion properties suitable for use with metals
  • No post cure required; minimal post shrinkage
  • No emissions during curing
  • Low creep under load