Due to miniaturisation, encapsulation materials are needed in the automotive area that feature high temperature resistance combined with good electrical insulation properties and good chemical resistance. Low processing pressures also enable additional electronics components to be integrated within a single production process. In contrast to metals, the use of high-performance plastics enables weight to be reduced.

Automation of the injection moulding process enables short cycle times and a reduction of costs.

The use of Duresco Epoxy Moulding Compounds guarantees reliable, long-term use under difficult climatic conditions.

Main Advantages: protection of electronics and sensors

  • Integrated housing
  • Outstanding crack-resistance in case of thermal shock
  • No shrink marks caused by differences in wall thickness; very low wall thicknesses are possible
  • Good adhesion to inserts
  • Optimal sealing against media due to the low processing viscosity and improved heat dissipation
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion suitable for use with the construction materials being encapsulated
  • No post cure required; minimal post shrinkage
  • Low creep under load

Main advantages: ignition electronics

  • Good electrical creep, arcing, and dielectric strength even in difficult environmental conditions
  • UL 94 V-0 listing