Duresco and thermosets – a win-win for our customers

Our goal is to provide our customers with efficient solutions, high-quality products and comprehensive service. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our services and the efficiency of our products so as to deliver a maximum in customer satisfaction and thereby build close and lasting business relationships. Our know-how and expertise are what safeguard the commercial future of this company. All of the decisions we take regarding company strategy and market position are directed towards achieving this goal.

  • We are committed to safety and environmental protection as ethical principles to which we subordinate all other business objectives.
  • Together with our team of motivated and satisfied employees, we strive to continuously improve the level of our performance.
  • By specializing in a class of products within the field of thermosetting materials, we have been able to build up a store of in-depth expertise.
  • Duresco aims to become the leading company for epoxy moulded compounds.
  • We develop new products in line with the requirements of our target customers.
  • We can adjust production capacity to meet changing levels of demand.