Product NU 6640 X

Do you already know our product NU 6640 X?

Specially developed for applications with increased heat dissipation requirements, this product sets new standards in terms of performance and efficiency.


The most important benefits of the NU 6640 X at a glance

Increased, isotropic heat dissipation

Thanks to advanced technologies, NU 6640 X offers high isotropic heat dissipation, which ensures that heat is dissipated efficiently and evenly. This is particularly important for applications with increased performance requirements.

Optimised cycle time

NU 6640 X has been designed to enable an optimised cycle time. This means that you can organise your production processes more efficiently, leading to increased overall performance and faster results.

Processing under standard conditions

The use of NU 6640 X does not require any special environmental conditions. The product can be processed under standard conditions, which facilitates integration into existing production environments.

Good price/performance ratio

We understand that cost efficiency is a decisive factor. With NU 6640 X, you not only get first-class performance, but also an excellent price/performance ratio.