In the area of automation, insulation materials are required that are able to completely seal construction materials due to the low processing viscosity combined with outstanding crack-resistance. The resulting low processing pressures also enable additional electronic components to be integrated into this single production process.

The use of Duresco Epoxy Moulding Compounds guarantees reliable, long-term use under difficult climatic conditions.

Main Advantages

  • Integrated housing function
  • High dimensional stability and temperature resistance combined with good mechanical properties
  • Impregnation of windings; this enables sealing against media and improved heat dissipation
  • Good adhesion to inserts
  • Low water absorption combined with outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low heat expansion properties suitable for use with metals
  • No post cure required; minimal post-shrinkage
  • No shrink marks caused by differences in wall thicknesses; very low wall thicknesses are possible
  • Low creep under load